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小宇兒 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前






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  • 妤庭
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    This novel mainly probes into this simulation deeper , more involved problem of life , the society , human nature , it travel young girl everywhere each (although for young girl,have a miserable the past, marksmanship not exceptional), with one sociable heavy-duty motorcycle , mix like fairy tale and fable but in the world fabrication that become, see the different expressions in life to the limit.

    The heaviest part is leading lady's strange promise when corresponding , contact these so-called " different expressions in life ", it is non- human and calm that that kind is close to , the tragedy that may take place with her as a child , have deprived the strange promise and is taken as " emotion " that the mankind will possess mostly

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  • 1 0 年前

    This novel mainly is inquire into life, society, human nature this type of deeper, Jian acrid problem, will talk with a pedestal through a young girl(although it is said is a young girl, but is pathetic past, the marksmanship of the superman) that takes a trip everywhere of a motorcycle, see exhausted various conditions in is like the nursery tale and parable congestion and become of the purely imaginative world.

    The most heavy part is a leading lady strange promise at to should, get in touch with these so-called"various conditions", that kind of border on nonhuman dispassion, may take place with her in childhood of tragedy, deprived a strange promise to be mankind to should have most of"affection"

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