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    This is a very warm and fragrant of an article, be me to see this article, I almost moved to cry... little girl, although only have 3 years old, but, is a the cleverness is cheery of kid, although home the economic condition isn't good, having no money to buy a gift for father, figuring out this kind of touched public of of modus is really a feeling too person!!Who I want to allow to saw this articleses will move very much of!!


    Saw this article, this just knew originally cat to is the animal that wills sleeps so, in the my eyes cat is how not the animal of the enthusiasm, but, have never thought him would for accompanying host to play, and adjusting own sleep time, does this let me present new look consumedly to the cat!!


    Is really the dog of a cleverness!!Would buy thing not only for the host, also hear of understand an owner to say what, really make the person respect and admire, but.. have never thought its host to unexpectedly feel he return not enough cleverness, be just because it forget to bring key to go out this week, difficult way...would that dog really open a door with the key?!


    Ising really a very interesting article, seeing the article through is really smile to die fast there...have never thought a night to act a thing of flat Fu, will hit a tree, I think, he certainly is the laughing stock in flat Fus!!