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”經過了30分鐘之後” 等等句子 怎麼英文說 急急急


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    1.After 30 minutes

    2.They have all flustered the hands and feet

    3.Meets this kind of urgent condition

    4.Not any signal

    5.Turns own knapsack

    6.Dials test board desk 112 to seek help

    7.Told they do not wander about aimlessly move

    8.Tows the exhausted stature to descend mountain

    9.Not only handset function also these

    參考資料: self
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  • 1 0 年前

    1. 30 minutes later, the bus came.

    2. After they've got lost, they all don't know what to do.

    3. they are having emergency situation.

    4. No singal at all is shown on my cell.

    5. Peter looked around in his bag but still found nothing.

    6. You may call 112 for technical help.

    7. Please ask them to stay where they are.

    8. we are exhausted after finisheding our hikking.

    9. The functions of cells are more than what you have known.

    2006-08-16 02:06:59 補充:

    2. they panic when they got lost.6. technical help can be technical support

    參考資料: myself
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    .經過了30分鐘之後 after half an hour passing by

    2.他們都慌了手腳 they were all paniceked

    3.遇到這種緊急狀況 They got no signal under the urgent situation


    5.翻自己的背包 They fumbled the backpack for the cell phone and then called 112 for help.


    7.吩咐他們別亂走動 They were told to stay where they were;

    8.拖著疲憊的身軀下了山 finally they treked all the way down to the mountains

    9.手機的功用還不只這些 the function of the cell phone is more that like that


    參考資料: me
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