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是 周杰倫的楓,sorry,忘記貼歌詞,原本要補充問題的,但字數限制所以沒辦法~

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     烏雲在我們心裏擱下一塊陰影 我聆聽沉寂已久的心情

     清晰透明 就像美麗的風景 總在回憶裏才看的清

    The dark cloud casts a shadow on our minds.

    I listen to the heart lonely for a long time.

    Clear and crystal, like a beautiful scene,

    Only in the memories can it be clearly seen.

    *被傷透的心能不能夠繼續愛我 我用力牽起沒溫度的雙手

     過往溫柔 已經被時間上鎖 只剩揮散不去的難過

    Can a broken heart still love me with faith?

    I hold fast to the hand empty with warmth.

    The past tenderness has been frozen by time.

    What left to me is the sadness I can't deny.

    #緩緩飄落的楓葉像思念 我點燃燭火溫暖歲末的秋天

     極光掠奪天邊 北風掠過想你的容顏

     我把愛燒成了落葉 卻換不回熟悉的那張臉

    The falling maples are like sighs.

    I kindle the candles to warm the fall.

    When the aurora veils the sky,

    The north wind kisses the face I recall.

    I have burn love to the dead leaves.

    But I can't touch the face I'm familiar with.

     緩緩飄落的楓葉像思念 為何挽回要趕在冬天來之前

     愛你穿越時間 兩行來自秋末的眼淚

     讓愛滲透了地面 我要的只是你在我身邊

    The falling maples are like sighs.

    Why regrets come right before the winter?

    My love for you travels through the time.

    From the end of fall come two streams of tear.

    Let the love penetrate through the earth.

    All I desire is you to be by my side for sure.

    Repeat *

     在 山腰間飄逸的紅雨 隨著北風凋零 我輕輕搖曳風鈴

     想 喚醒被遺棄的愛情 雪花已鋪滿了地 深怕窗外楓葉已結成冰

    In the mountains the maples are floating in the air like red rain,

    Dying with the north wind, and I tenderly swing the wind bell.

    I want to awake the deserted romance. The snow has covered the land.

    I am really afraid the maples have been frozen and dead.


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    希望4天後我不會看到這個問題被系統移除了........ 希望這位發問者看完答案後會給予點數...

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    誰知道 "楓" 是什麼歌啊..!!

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