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    Because PID is a controller used most frequently on the industrial circle, the fine setting of PID controller is apparent very important, so industrial circle with abrupt slope fall commonly used system law is it carry on fine setting , PID of controller to come most this text, have already reached better PID control parameter . Regard Z-N law PID control parameter recommended as the central point that will be finelied tune at first, and then do four experiments or PID and do eight experiments in accordance with PI, then the abrupt slope is lowering the adjustment that France makes the follow-up control parameter the most, until adjusting to the best PID control parameter. That this text puts forward the fine setting method is one kind gradual improvement PID control parameter increases the number of times of the experiment to come gradually, so reach at the project already during the course demand right away can stopping in good time, or all more helpful economically on efficiency, needn't look for four points soon sequentially like concentric check law as regards efficiency, but with direction of abrupt slope advance best PID control parameter most, getting economic so long as simple several adjust movement can improve whole efficiency of system, have already reached greater economic benefits.

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    Because PID is a controller which in the industry most often uses, therefore PID controller trimming also therefore reveals is specially important, therefore this article on carries on in the industry commonly used system by the steepest slope law the PID controller the trimming, has achieved the better PID controlled variable. First the PID controlled variable which recommends by the Z-N law for wants the trimming the central point, again depends on PI to do 4. experiments perhaps PID does 8. experiments, then in makes the following controlled variable by the steepest slope law the adjustment, until adjustment to best PID controlled variable. This article proposed the trimming method is one kind gradually increases the experimental number of times to come the gradual improvement PID controlled variable, therefore if has achieved in the project in the process the demand to be allowed at the right moment stopping, therefore in the efficiency perhaps in the economy all is the beneficial also comparatively human nature, speaking of the efficiency needs to like concentric square method such to have to look for four spots in turn, but is by the most steep slope direction toward the best PID controlled variable advance, speaking of the economy so long as the simple several adjustments movement may improve the overall system the potency, has achieved the bigger economic efficiency.


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