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  • Doggy
    Lv 6
    1 0 年前

    ◎欲擒故縱 三十六計中的第十六計

    英譯→To Catch Something, First Let It Go.

    另~~把所有三十六計都給你參考一下唄 ^^

    1...Fool The Emperor To Cross The Sea. 瞞天過海

    2...Besiege Wei To Rescue Zhao. 圍魏救趙

    3...Kill With A Borrowed Sword. 借刀殺人

    4...Await The Exhausted Enemy At Your Ease. 以逸待勞

    5...Loot A Burning House. 趁火打劫

    6...Clamour In The East, Attack In The West. 聲東擊西

    7...Create Something From Nothing. 無中生有

    8...Openly Repair The Walkway, Secretly March To Chancan. 明修棧道,暗渡陳倉

    9...Observe The Fire On The Opposite Shore. 隔岸觀火

    10..Hide The Dagger Behind A Smile. 笑裡藏刀

    11..Let The Plum Tree Wither In Place Of The Peach. 李代桃僵

    12..Seize The Opportunity To Lead The Sheep Away. 順手牽羊

    13..Beat The Grass To Startle The Snake. 打草驚蛇

    14..Borrow A Corpse To Raise The Spirit. 借屍還魂

    15..Lure The Tiger Down The Mountain. 調虎離山

    16..To Catch Something, First Let It Go. 欲擒故縱

    17..Toss Out A Brick To Attract Jade. 拋磚引玉

    18..To Catch The Bandit First Capture Their Leader 擒賊擒王

    19..Steal The Firewood From Under The Pot. 釜底抽薪

    20..Trouble The Water To Catch The Fish. 混水摸魚

    21..Shed Your Skin Like The Golden Cicada. 金蟬脫殼

    22..Shut The Door To Catch The Thief. 關門捉賊

    23..Befriend A Distant Enemy To Attack One Nearby. 遠交近攻

    24..Borrow The Road To Conquer Guo. 假道伐虢

    25..Replace The Beams With Rotten Timbers. 偷樑換柱

    26..Point At The Mulberry, But Curse The Locust Tree. 指桑罵槐

    27..Feign Madness, But Keep Your Balance. 假癡不癲

    28..Lure Your Enemy Onto The Roof, Then Take Away The Ladder. 上屋抽梯

    29..Deck The Dead Tree With Silk Blossoms. 書上開花

    30..Exchange The Role Of Guest For That Of Host. 反客為主

    31..The Strategy Of Beautiful Women. 美人計

    32..The Strategy Of Open City Gates. 空城計

    33..The Strategy Of Sowing Discord. 反間計

    34..The Strategy Of Injuring Yourself. 苦肉計

    35..The Strategy Of Combining Tactics. 連環計

    36..If All Else Fails Retreat. 走為上策

    參考資料: 三十六計的英文表達方法 - 英語沙龍 - 紐西蘭中文網論壇 -
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  • 10 年前

    to play hard to get 才是比較貼切的說法~~

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  • 1 0 年前

    play hard to get...

    she is playing hard to get!


    參考資料: 你這樣說大家都聽的懂啦
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  • 1 0 年前

    sb play(s) hard to get!!

    sb play(s) hard to get!!

    參考資料: me
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  • susu
    Lv 6
    1 0 年前

    play cat and mouse with sb欲擒故縱

    The policeman decided to play cat and nouse when he saw the woman steal the dress in the store.

    2006-08-17 16:35:20 補充:

    to try to get something by feigning uninterestedness or making concessions

    參考資料: Dr.eye
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  • 1 0 年前


    The Object Of My Affection


    參考資料: 網路
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  • 1 0 年前

    欲擒故縱=Releasing in order to catch


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