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    Waking up to the thought that it was beyond belief, I nevertheless did not hold it to be unacceptable. This is the way a dream is like. In them, our geniuine thoughts, feelings and desires are revealed.  wake up to + 受詞﹕醒來發覺到,此處使用「分詞構句」,以便句型較有變化beyond belief: 難以置信的 (=incredible)hold: 認為genuine: 真正的  In the book are three scenarios that a reader gets to see. The first (scenario) is about a law that is indescribably prepostrous. The next (scenario) is of a genie who gets involved and consequently has the two confound each other’s affection. In the last there comes the havoc that precedes the rationality and peace restored in the long run.   prepostrous: 荒謬不堪的without comparison: 無從比擬的confound + 受詞: 把…..搞糊塗havoc: 混亂precede: 在….之前restore: 恢復in the long run: 最終

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    1. Feeling unreal and amazing after awakening, yet able to accept as reality; this is a dream. Through it, we expose our true thoughts, feelings, desires, etc.

    2. There are three scenarios in this play: firstly, an incredibly ridiculous set of laws; secondly, the interference of fairies which caused confusion in the pairing up of lovers; lastly, after a period of misunderstanding, finally recovering basic consciousness and harmony.

    Midsummer night's dream以前學校有讀過...希望有幫助 ^__^!

    參考資料: 腦袋~
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    1.After wakes, knows its is inconceivable, actually cannot make one be

    unable to accept, this is a dream. In, discloses our true idea, the

    feeling, the desire and so on... ...

    2.Sees in this book to three plots: First is an absurd incomparable

    regulation; Next, the demon involvement causes the object confusion

    which each other loves; Finally, after chaotic, finally restores the

    reason to be harmonious.

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