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成名在望 Almost Famous

真的有Stillwater 這個樂團嗎?Rolling Stone 的網站上真的有這個樂團欸,只是除了照片其他什麼也沒有。

還有他們在飛機上打牌的那一段,一個\"老鷹合唱團的雷蒙\"有出現,可是老鷹合唱團前前後後加起來的七個團員根本沒人叫雷蒙,到底是哪裡出了問題啊?因為既然Black Sabbath,The Who ,Led Zeppelin都是真有其人的樂團,那段總不會突然造假吧?

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    真的有Stillwater 這個樂團

    Almost Famous是以真實樂團為主軸 而延伸編寫出來的故事 其電影情節完全是虛構的 所以會出現虛擬出來的人物就不奇怪囉

    Cameron Crowe's 2000 movie, Almost Famous, left some wondering if Stillwater was a real band or not. The answer is yes, but the band featured in the movie was completely fictional and based on several groups that Crowe covered for Rolling Stone during the early '70s (namely the Eagles and Led Zeppelin, among others). The 'real' Stillwater was an obscure multi-membered southern rock, that featured a triple guitar team of Mike Causey (guitar), Bobby Golden (guitar, vocals), and Rob Walker (guitar), plus Jimmy Hall (vocals, percussion), Allison Scarborough (bass, vocals), Bob Spearman (keyboards, vocals), and Sebie Lacey (drums). Originally formed in Georgia during 1973, Stillwater issued only a pair of albums during the late '70s - 1977's self titled debut and 1979's I Reserve the Right! - and narrowly missed scoring a top 40 hit single with the track "Mind Bender." Between the near-hit single and steady opening gigs for the Atlanta Rhythm Section and the Charlie Daniels Band (the latter of which was riding high at the time with their monster crossover hit "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"), Stillwater seemed to be on the right track for breakthrough success. But when their record label, Capricorn Records, hit upon hard times, Stillwater found themselves without a label, and broke up soonafter. 1997 saw several live tracks from 1978 included on the Alive Down South multi-artist collection, which was followed by a Stillwater reunion the same year. A new album Running Free, was released a year later, and the group has began to play live shows once more. Just before shooting began on Crowe's Almost Famous, the director had to clear the use of the name 'Stillwater' with the band, which they agreed to after reading the script. ~ Greg Prato, All Music Guide

    Written by Greg Prato

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    有些地方的確真實反映出Led Zeppelin當年的事件。如:Jimmy Page 跟Groupies的事情~