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All that jazz 在一般口語中代表什麼意思?




應該跟芝加哥的ALL THAT JAZZ不太一樣


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    all that jazz諸如此類

    He only cares about basketball, TV, girls, and all that jazz.


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    1. All That Jazz is a 1979 musical film and semi-autobiographical fantasy by and about Bob Fosse.

    Roy Scheider plays Joe Gideon, a chain-smoking, pill-popping, womanizing, workaholic choreographer and director. Fosse was inspired by his own manic effort to edit his film Lenny (about Lenny Bruce) while simultaneously staging his musical Chicago, although the show and issues depicted are more in line with Fosse's experiences with "Pippin".

    It was written by Robert Alan Arthur and Fosse, and directed by Fosse. Besides Scheider, it starred Leland Palmer (as the ex-wife of Joe Gideon, based on Fosse's real-life wife Gwen Verdon) Ann Reinking (as the Fosse-Scheider character's girl friend), Cliff Gorman (who played a Lenny Bruce-inspired comedian in a film Gideon edits during the film), Ben Vereen (Fosse's star in Pippin), and featured Jessica Lange as Angelique, a Felliniesque personification of Death.

    An odd tribute to show business, sex and death, All That Jazz was nominated for several Oscars, winning for Art Direction, stage direction, best costume, Best Editing (Alan Heim) and original score.

    The film won the 1980 Palme d'Or (Golden Palm) at the Cannes Film Festival.

    2. "All That Jazz" is also a song from the musical Chicago.

    For the 1989 album by Ella Fitzgerald

    2006-08-24 20:03:17 補充:

    其實沒甚麼特別,All That Jazz! 就是 "有關爵士樂所有的一切"! 很多美國爵士樂廣播電台都以此作為他們網路上之台呼,例如:KCCK 88.3 - All That Jazz! (http://www.kcck.org/)

    2006-08-24 20:08:58 補充:

    所以...He only cares about basketball, TV, girls, and all that jazz.句尾的 "all that jazz" 乃代表 "有關爵士樂所有的一切",值此網路發達的年代,主要爵士樂資訊除了來自爵士樂廣播電台,當屬爵士樂專業網站!

    參考資料: 維基百科---http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_That_Jazz