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中翻英(不要用翻譯軟體!!) **贈10點哦**







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    My tudies process

    To be born in Taichung's I, from the preschool always to the high school all is the study in Taichung, the university passes an examination the construction engineering department, because just entered into the university I, the studies result was not very prominent, regarding the design related curriculum was very dull, but instructed after professor, but also had under other teacher's leadership, let me have in the big two design result progresses, continuously arrived in a big way four, the design result all continuously in class's vanguard, let me more and more fill the anticipation regarding the architectural design, “the creativity” held the extremely important small space in my life, I wanted again to go to the multi-understandingIt!

    Certainly the body is a human who contacts the construction aspect frequently, regarding the related question which does not understand is not only waits for in-situ thought a a long time, I also can often access the net look for the material, consult instruct schoolmates who teacher as well as studies together! I liked contacting the new environment, knowing very much the new friend, is very easy during the group life to adapt to the new circumstances, always likes with the genial manner treating others, does not like with the human arguing, very heavy sense of justice I, also because like this once in great two time assumption class and grade vice-Ban Dai, counselled section chief.

    Teachers have a lengthy conversation the construction domain to be quite widespread, the classroom studies only is a construction dot, the life is originally one kind of challenge, challenged with yesterday I; Challenge, I with today I who studies the construction, should want to contact variously.


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    應該是這樣吧 我也不清楚...

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