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我有個作文功課要寫 \'\'不敢相信的新聞\'\'




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    Subject: It's A News That is Unbelivable

    To many people, there are many news that is unbelievable, and one of the fine example would be the 9-11 attack in 2001.

    As we all remember seeing the footage on the news that a plane already crashed to the World Trade Building in New York City of the United States, and many of us are trying to get the better picture of what happend, before our eyes, second jetliner have slamed into the World Trade Center right in front of TV viewers. Disbelieve that it was a terriorists' act.

    At first, I thought that plane was empty but the terriorists, but when I found that there are many innocent passengers that was in the airplanes, I begin to cry! Although I do not know those people on the planes, but I feel so sorry that they have to say good bye to their love ones...

    So I would hope for the world peace no matter where are we, what race are we, let's this world a peace and loving one...

    -The End-

    參考資料: ~My daughter's dairy~ Hope it helps
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