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英文作文 交通工具或是習俗


Our country,its customs(有關中秋節和元宵節的習俗,還是其他習俗都可以)


my favorite transport(什麼交通工具都可以)



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    The traditions of ghost month

    Ghost month is a serious time. People don't have weddings or go traveling during ghost month. Many think that accidents can happen easily during this time.

    According to tradition , the underworld's gates open on the first day of ghost month. People prepare special meals for their ancestors' spirits. Extra food is also prepared for ghosts without families.

    The largest feasts are on the fifteenth day. people hang lanterns to guide the ghosts to huge tables of food. Plenty of ghost money is burned, and temples often have operas for ghosts to enjoy.

    Ghost month finishes up on the thirtieth day. The ghosts must leave the earth, and the gates of the underworld close once more. We can all breathe a sigh of relief until next year.

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