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很謝謝Blissful Designer的幫忙..


所以我要翻成"why did me close the door so hard? "嗎?



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謝謝各位的幫忙.. ^_______^

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    你們知道為什麼我關門要大聲?→Did you know why I close the door so hard?

    一、你們的喧嘩。→First of all, you were too noisy.

    二、不關門,大笑...→Second, you always forgot to close the door and laughed so loudly.

    三、不隨手關燈。→Third, you never turn off the light when leaving.

    這裡不是你們私人住所,請彼此尊重。→You are not the only people who live in this room. Please remember that you have other room-mates and we should respect each other.

    如果不尊重,也請原諒我的再次粗俗。→If you do not show respect to this, I must warn you of my rude manners again and again.


    參考資料: 我自己,http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/4-Arts
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    I slammed the door to get your attention that I was so bothered by your inconsiderate behaviors, for example, the noises and laughters through your unclosed door, leaving the light after exiting the room, etc.

    Please note (or "be aware") that this room is not just your personal space. We co-share it. If you continue to be self-centered, then allow my continuing rudeness.

    參考資料: WY
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    為什麼關門要大聲? why did you close the door so hard?

    一、你們的喧嘩。 your noises

    二、不關門,大笑... did not close the door, laugh loudly

    三、不隨手關燈。did not switch off the lights

    這裡不是你們私人住所,請彼此尊重。this is not your private space, pls show some respect to fellow roomates !


    if you do not respect , pls forgive me for giving you warning(警告) again.

    參考資料: me