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>>My name is * * * . 我畢業於**國中 . I had many memories about my friends and teachers there. I had a good time in **junior high school . My birthday is Octorber 10th .That is our 國慶日. Every year I celebrate my birthday with my family ,並且國家也會用煙火幫我慶祝. My hobby is listening to the music , shopping, watching TV and surfing the Internet .And I have a special hobby of collecting Korean

things. I love Korea very much so I want to have anything about Korea.

If you ask me why I … don’t know how to answer the question .Because I love it’s air , civilization , nature…every things. I took a trip to Korea this summer vacation. It excited me . I took many pictures and bought

Some thing there. Because the price is too high in Korea I can’t bought

too much . Then I hate doing exersice except(除ㄌ...之外) swim and tennis . I like to make friends because I don\'t like to be lonely. I can learn a lot from they . Now I am in a new place so I have to know some new peoplo. But it is too difficult for me to do . Because I am so shy to talk to strangers.I think I should be a valiant that I can be expansiveness.

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    My name is xxx. I just graduated from Junion High School. I had a good time in my Junior High school years and have many good momories about my friends and teachers. My birthday is on Oct. 10th which is a National Holiday in Taiwan. We call it Double Tens Day. Because it is a National Holiday for us, each year I would celebrate my birthday with my family members and at the same time, the whole country is celebrating for my by playing with fireworks. My hobby is listening to music, going shopping, watching TV and surfing on the internet. However, my favorite is collecting unique items from Korea because Korea is my favorite country. That is why I want to collect as many things about them as possible. If you ask me why, I really don't know. Maybe it's because of the clean air they have, their civilization, nature, and all the other good things about them. I took a trip to Korea during this summer vacation and shortly I felt in love with the country. It was an exciting experience for me. I took a lot of pictures about Korea but didn't buy many memorable things from there because most of the things they sell were quite high in cost.

    During my leisure time, I don't like doing any exercises other than swimming and playing tennis. However, I like making a lot of friends because I don't like to be alone my myself. Having friends has a good advantage because I can learn a lot from them.

    Now I have moved to a new area so I need to meet more people and make new friends.

    But I don't think I can do it in short time because I am a pretty shy person. I think I should open up more and be confident about myself.

    P.s. 我覺得你寫得很好。 我只是把你的意思大概修改了一下。─ 你參考看看

    參考資料: 留美20多年的我
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