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The results of the present study demonstrated that infants

with Robin sequence and Type 1 respiratory obstruction,

whose airways could remain open with the prone position or

nasopharyngeal intubation, presented a significant increase in

the volume of ingested milk at discharge after daily stimulation

with FFTs for a mean period of 10.7 days. The duration of

feeding at the end of the study was reduced from the initial

evaluation and, although this difference was not significant, a

more homogeneous feeding behavior with an increase in the

ingested volume and a reduction of feeding complications was

accomplished within an extremely short period of time, permitting

the discharge of these children with oral feeding.

Therefore, these data suggest that, within a context of interdisciplinary

action in Robin sequence, therapy based on

FFTs is an efficient method to improve the acceptance of oral

feeding and to prevent the prolonged use of a feeding tube.

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    本研究的結果顯示出,嬰兒以知更鳥序列和第一類型呼吸阻礙,誰的空中航線可能保持開放以有傾向的位置或鼻咽插管法, 提出了在被咽下的牛奶的

    容量的重大增量在放電在每日刺激以後與FFTs 10.7天的一個卑鄙期間。 哺養的期間在研究的結尾從初始評價減少了和, 雖然這個區別不是重大的,更加同類的哺養的行為以在被咽下的容量的增量和哺養的複雜化的減少在極端短的時期是成功的內, 允許這些孩子們放電用口頭哺養。

    所以, 這數據建議那, 在學科行動之內上下文在知更鳥序列, 根據FFTs的療法是改進採納口頭哺養和防止對一支哺養的管的長時期的用途的一個高效率的方法。

  • 拜託, 翻成這樣還不如不要翻. 兒童還有卑鄙期間, 空中航線裡插了鼻咽管.