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紫筠大大 你就別鬧了啦


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杉影 大大 你說這是哪們課ㄚ?我沒上過有關的課程??

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    In the spatial distribution aspect, by assuming the distribution of spots ,

    areas of high degree generally appear in the juction area of different water

    masses , and abundance of junction areas of Mainland coast water and the Taiwan Straits black tide comparing other regions for high demonstrates the structure of zooplankton flocking of Taiwan's peripheral sea area possibly suffers the influence of the heterogeneity water mass correlation . Leading to cladoceran distributing peripheral among Taiwan by the cold water kind primarilyin summer, the quantity of the jellyfishes rising up along with the temperature of water has the tendency towards the relative increase , but the compositions of heter-foots suffer the influence so much by the different water mass meeting .

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    Sofia 大大: 你這門課還沒唸完呀?!

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    In the spatial distribution aspect, assumes the spot massive distribution, Gao Zhiqu appears generally in the different water mass connection area, also mainland coast water and the Taiwan Straits black tide junction meets the area abundance to compare other regions for high, demonstrated the Taiwan peripheral sea area zooplankton cybotaxis structure possibly receives the heterogeneity water mass correlation the influence, when causes the summer, distributes in the Taiwan peripheral wise water fleas by cold water kind primarily, manages the jellyfish the quantity to have the relative increase tendency along with the water temperature ascension, but the heteropoda composition is receives the different water mass to hand over the meeting the influence to be very big.