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(英文)請幫我看看我翻譯好的文章 !

請好心人幫我好好的看一下 ~ ! 很多地方都不太會翻譯 ... 拜託ㄚ ~

ps. ( Tom一撇s )哪裡不曉得為什麼會有亂碼 ...

Lesson 5 Around the World by Bicycle

In 1884, Thomas Stevens decided to ride around the world. He would go by bicycle. No one has done that before. No one has done it the same way since. But first Tom had to learn how to ride a bicycle.

Tom learned quickly. In April, he left his home in San Francisco. He covered 3,000 miles of rough roads. He got to Boston in August. By then, Tom had run out of money. He met the famous Colonel Pope. Pope was a rich man who made and sold bicycles. He agreed to pay for Tom's trip to Europe, so Tom put his bicycle on a boat.

Tom's bike had a giant wheel in front. Sometimes the wheel broke. In Europe, there was always someone to fix it. Tom liked Europe. The roads were good there. There were wonderful things to see. Back home, people read about Tom's trip in the newspapers.

In Asia, the ride got harder. Most people did not speak English. Sometimes people stopped him to look at his bicycle. Animals blocked his path, but Tom rode on. Chinese people gave him gifts. Tom was pleased with the gifts, but they were heavy. The gifts slowed him down. He didn't worry about lost time, though. He was in no hurry.

In January, 1887, Tom returned to San Francisco. He had been away for almost three years. He wrote about his trip and gave talks. He became well known. He made enough money to live on. Tom's long ride really paid off!



湯姆學習得很快。在四月,他離開了在舊金山的家。他再粗操的到陸上行過三千英哩。他在八月抵達了波士頓。到那時,湯姆已經將錢花完,他遇見有名的Colonel Pppe。Pope是製造而且賣腳踏車的富有男人。她同意支付湯姆去歐洲的旅程,因此,湯姆把他的腳踏車放在一艘船上。





可以幫我想一下summary嗎? 謝謝你們的幫忙 ˇ

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To:Tina ... 我要的是翻譯 .. 原文是課本上的 ..sorry 讓你費心了 ~ !

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    湯姆學習得很快。在四月,他離開了在舊金山的家。他凹凸不平的路上行過三千英哩。他在八月抵達了波士頓。那時,湯姆已經將錢花完,他遇見有名的Colonel Pppe。Pope是製造而且賣腳踏車的富有男人。他同意支付湯姆去歐洲的旅程,因此,湯姆把他的腳踏車放在一艘船上。




    參考資料: 在讀美國學校的我
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    Riding the bicycle takes a tour around the world

    At 1884, Thomas.Stephen decides to ride to ride to take a tour around the world.He will ride a bicycle.No one did that matter before.Always no one do a same method.But Tom have to learn how to ride a bicycle first.

    Tom learns very fast.In April, he left the house in San Francisco.He again thick hold of went 3,000 miles to the land.He arrived Boston in August.Till then, Tom has already spent money through, he meets well-known Colonel Pppe.The Pope is a manufacturing and sell the handlebar the full of man.Her approval pays the itinerary that Tom goes to Europe, therefore, Tom puts his bicycle at an on the boat.

    Tom's bicycle contain a huge ex- round.Sometimes the wheel damage.At Europe, always someone fix it, Tom likes Europe.The road there is very good.There can see astonishing thing.In the home, people read a trip concerning Tom in the newspaper.

    Ride a bicycle to change at Asia of more difficult.Most persons didn't speak English.Sometimes people only live him then eye his bicycle.The animal jamed his path, but Tom still ride to ride.The Chinese send him the gift.Tom feels satisfied to gift, but they are very heavy.The gift makes him decelerate.However he didn't is lost time to worry.He isn't worried.

    January in 1887, Tom returned to San Francisco.He has already almost left for three years.He writes down concerning his trip and provides a conversation.The wide behavior that he changes knows.He earned enough money on the life.Tom grows to ride true of succeed.


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