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Where I can find global buyer?

Dear all:

I am new to the international trading business and I'd like to know where I can find buyer ( besides global sourcing ) for products like computer speakers, i-pod speakers, monitor, cases, keyboard and mouse?

I 'd like to know retails and how to define where I should find my target client anywhere in the world. PLEASE HELP!!! I'd be really appreciated with all your help!


我想捕充一下/ 我是在台灣 也固定有國際買家 但似乎都不是大買家 我是想找相關的書籍 或是市場分析類的叢書

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    you can surf the internet with some key words to search the particular buyers

    or contact with TAITRI, mybe they can help you,

    中華民國對外貿易發展協會(Taiwan External Trade Development Council,TAITRA)

    I do hope that will be helpful to you.

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    You might need to go to some classes before you can do it well.

    A quick short cut is find yourself a friend familiar with the field, and buy him/her a cup of coffee every day.

    Good luck! ^__^

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    You meant you want to sell those things, right?

    Maybe you can find some auction sites like e-bay or yahoo.

    You said you want to find global buyer, does it mean that you are not in Taiwan? or??

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