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請問有red一詞的片語有哪些?例如red with anger.越多越好!謝謝!

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    (1).be in the red (經營)虧損 Ex:The company is in the red.公司虧損中(2).red tape 繁文縟節(3).red-lettered 標有紅字的Ex:a red-lettered day 喜事慶典之日(4).red eyes 哭紅的眼睛(5).red ideas 赤色主義(共產主義思想)(6).see red 勃然大怒(7).red-blooded 強壯的(8).red carpet 紅地毯;隆重盛大的接待(9).red-handed 現行犯的

    參考資料: 台灣紅
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    *be on red alert

    if soldiers are on full alert, they know that a situation is dangerous and are prepared to act immediately if necessary

    *go beet red

    to become very red in the face, usually because you are embarrassed

    *red tape

    official rules which do not seem necessary and make things happen very slowly

    *a red herring

    something that takes people's attention away from the main subject being talked or written about

    *be in the red

    to owe money to a bank

    *be like a red rag to a bull

    if a statement or an action is like a red rag to a bull, it makes someone very angry

    *not a red cent

    no money at all

    *roll out the red carpet

    to give an important person a special welcome

    *see red

    to become very angry

    *red eye

    cheap whiskey strong alcoholic drink

    *a red eye

    a flight that leaves late at night and arrives early the next morning

    *catch sb red-handed

    to discover someone doing something illegal or wrong

    *a red-letter day

    a day that is very important or very special

    the red-light district

    the part of a city where many people offer sex for money


    a red-blooded man has a lot of energy and enjoys sex very much


    very exciting or successful

    *paint the town red informal

    to go out and enjoy yourself in the evening, often drinking a lot of alcohol and dancing


    參考資料: Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms
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    red admiral紅紋蝶

    red alert緊急警報;緊急狀況

    Red Army(日本的恐怖組織)赤軍

    red cent ㄧ分錢

    red clover紅荷蘭翹搖

    Red Crescent 土耳其的紅十字會

    Red Cross 紅十字會

    red deer赤鹿

    red dog 最下等麵粉

    red ensign 英國商船旗

    red flag 紅旗

    red gum 小兒苔蘚

    red lead 四氧化三鉛;鉛丹

    red light 紅燈;危險信號

    參考資料: 快譯通~~和自己