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About colors

請列出和顏色有關的諺語,愈多愈好~謝啦 譬如:black and blue          red-handed ....

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    roll out the red carpet 隆重接待

    tickled pink 很樂意的

    have a green thumb 很有園藝技術的

    give somebody the green light 允許某人...

    once in a blue moon 千載難逢的

    out of the blue 意外的

    black out 昏倒

    the black sheep 害群之馬

    blackmail 敲詐

    white as a sheet 臉色很蒼白(像床單一樣白)

    white lie 善意的謊言

    white elephant 無價值的

    參考資料: 學校英文老師的講義
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    the green-eyed monster: jealous

    green-horn: inexperienced and easily deceived person

    green buck: US dollor


    blue ribbon: sign of great distinction

    once in a blue moon: very rarely

    a blot from the blue: something quite unexpected


    the yellow press: newspapers which present news in a sensational way

    the yellow ribbon: welcome back

    參考資料: magazines
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    嗯~~~ 我一下想到的有:

    red herring (燻青魚)

    推理小說裡常看到, 是有障眼法和誤導的意思.

    莎士比亞 "Othelloe" 裡面的: "Jealousy is the green-eyed monster"


    參考資料: me
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    Paint the town red.


    2006-09-09 11:42:27 補充:

    還有一個Once in a blue moon.幾乎從未、非常少

    參考資料: 老師有教過