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颱風及颶風資料 中英文都要啊!!(急需)


因為報告時必須要交單字以及全句翻譯 所以需要中英對照 拜託大大幫幫忙~~



以一些淺顯易懂 國小六年級大約能懂得句子為主 請大家幫幫忙 最好是一具中文下面是一具英文翻譯的最好 謝謝!

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    颱風是熱帶氣旋的一種。氣象學上,按世界氣象組織定義:熱帶氣旋中心持續風速達到級12級及以上(即每秒32.7米)稱為颶風或本地近義字(local synonym),其中北太平洋西部(國際日期線以西,包括南中國海)使用的近義字是颱風。據美國軍方聯合颱風警報中心統計1959年至2004年間西太平洋及中國南海海域的颱風發生的個數與月份,平均每年有17.7個颱風生成,出現最多颱風的月分是八月,其次是九月和十月。"Hurricane" and "Typhoon" redirect here. For other uses, see Hurricane (disambiguation) and Typhoon (disambiguation).In meteorology, a tropical cyclone is a storm system fueled by the heat released when moist air rises and condenses. The name underscores their origin in the tropics and their cyclonic nature, which is that its circulation is counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. They are distinguished from other cyclonic windstorms such as nor'easters, European windstorms, and polar lows by the heat mechanism that fuels them, which makes them "warm core" storm systems.Depending on their location and strength, there are various terms by which tropical cyclones are known, such as hurricane, typhoon, tropical storm, and tropical depression.Tropical cyclones can produce extremely strong winds, tornadoes, torrential rain, and huge waves swamping coastal areas called storm surges. The heavy rains and storm surges create giant floods. Although the effects on human populations can be catastrophic, tropical cyclones have also been known to relieve drought conditions because they transport enormous amounts of moisture. They carry heat away from the tropics, an important mechanism of the global atmospheric circulation that maintains equilibrium in the earth's troposphere.詳見網址:

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    What is the typhoon?

    Stem from the strong low pressure on the tropical ocean (or calls the tropical cyclone) ,The radius of storm wind can be up to several hundred kilometers. Call the hurricane in North America, the Indian Ocean is called the whirlwind, Philippine is called Baguio.

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    Whirling direction of typhoon

    The typhoon in Northern Hemisphere, the wind of his nearly ground, regards centre of the typhoon as the centre to rotate counterclockwise, rotate clockwise rotation in the Southern Hemisphere.

    參考資料: 維基百科
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    "Hurricane" and "Typhoon"are very tirrible and happies hollday.

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