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請問project runway的project 該怎麼解釋

請問project runway的project 該怎麼解釋比較好project1釋義 同義字/反義字 變化形 KK: []DJ: [] vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb)計劃;企劃The government projected a tax decrease.政府計劃降低稅收。投擲,發射,噴射[(+at/into)]The fountain projects a stream of water.噴泉噴出一股水。投射(光線等);映[(+on/onto)]They were delighted to see their holiday slides projected on a screen.他們高興地看到他們度假的幻燈片在螢幕上放映出來。突出;使凸出闡述;表明...的特性,使呈現特性He had projected himself as a reformer in the presidential campaign.他在總統競選中曾以改革者的姿態出現。預計,推斷Can you project our sales in the coming year?你能預測我們來年的銷售情況嗎?【心】把(自己的感情等)投射給(別人)[(+on/upon/onto)]vi. (不及物動詞 intransitive verb)突出,伸出[(+from/into)]Nails that project from the wall may tear your clothes.牆上突出的釘子會撕破你的衣服的。【心】投射project2釋義 同義字/反義字 變化形 KK: []DJ: [] n. (名詞 noun)[C]方案,計劃,企劃This project seems to be very attractive.這一方案看來很有吸引力。工程The project was estimated to have cost $900,000.這一工程估計耗去資金九十萬美元。科研項目She's doing a project on adult education.她正在進行一項有關成人教育的研究。【美】國民住宅She lives in the same project, one flight up.她住在同一幢住宅內,再上一層樓就是她家。


project runway是一個影片名,中文名是絕戰時裝伸展台


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