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由於工作關係 來訪國外客人間或詢問此次倒扁活動的狀況 請各位幫忙蒐集相關的英文敘述方式


Please comment about how to present the situation with regard to the activity of Deposing to the clients during their visit.

Thank you for your help in anticipation.


此問題無關政治立場 純粹就工作上需要而發問 請各位大大不吝賜教


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    1. Depose-Chen rally to start this afternoon


    2. Shih and other organizers said they will not conclude the open-ended sit-in until scandal-ridden President Chen Shui-bian steps down.


    3.One Million People Against Corruption campaign.


    4.the sit-in will be held from Sept. 9-15 around Ketagalan Boulevard in front of the Presidential Office.


    5.Four giant red balloons floated in the sky, bearing simple messages -- Manners, Justice, Integrity and Shame.


    6.Chen Shih Ming-teh has vowed a round-the-clock sit-in outside the Presidential Office Building until Chen resigns.

    (施明德發誓要24小時在總統府前靜坐直到阿扁下台 )

    7.The protesters, most wearing red to express their anger, shouted slogans and gave the thumbs-down sign as they marched through the downtown Taipei, yelling the

    embattled president's nickname as they chanted: Ah-Bian, step down.

    (抗議的人多半穿者紅衣來表達他們的怒吼。當遊行經過台北的市中心時,他們大聲的喊著口號 阿扁,下台並做著拇指朝下的手勢)

    8.Ma also expressed his support for the rally in a half-page newspaper advertisement yesterday, and urged ruling DPP lawmakers to spearhead a second parliamentary vote to oust Chen. (馬英九在昨天報紙上登了半頁的廣告來支持這場遊行,並力促民進黨立法委員發起第二次的罷免投票)

    9.Authorities said more than 2,000 riot police were on duty to prevent violence during the rally. Police set up barbed-wire barricades to keep the protesters away from government offices.


    10.Jerry Fan, a spokesman for the campaign, told a press conference yesterday that the protesters, who are expected to be dressed in red to symbolize their anger at President Chen will get together to form the totem pattern resembling compasses when viewed from the air.


    The pattern can also be interpreted as a warrior holding a sword to cut off a corrupt regime or eliminate the corruption from Taiwan politics, Fan said.

    (范可欽說: 由上空看下來,此圖騰被解讀為一個握著短劍的武士,準備好要斬斷腐敗的政權)

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    vi :笑 (倒扁像開 Party 有唱歌 有跳舞)

    vt:用嘲笑逼使對方 ( 以嘲笑的方式希望慨快點當總統,等不急2008的選舉)

    n :引人發笑的事情 (靜坐用一小時接力的,或是 絡跑 回家洗澡)