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求Jurassic 5 - In The House的歌詞.


Jurassic 5 - In The House



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    "In the House" ~ Jurassic 5Urhh Uhh yo, Party people, from right to left just kick off your shoes and enjoy yourself The rec-ipe for rap is to flip the script and we the Jurassic 5 and we bout to rip So ladies and Gentlemen From the music this is farfetched extreme, from the brothers we bring a whole brand new thing, Were in-the-house Yo, The original ryme-inyl hospital the mic, I spin on the mic, believe it, those believing the hype, my beat in this life, what ever you believe in this light, I'm reading it right, whatever, cant ya sing it you'd like It's like, Could it be hot or could it be cold or could it control I'm leaving it [co, co c, c, c, controldable to the party goers exclusively, and you agree I'm much better than I used to be, because J5 MC were here to rock, rhymes like yours can never be stopped You heard the four of us even though it's six, guaranteed to succeed while were bringing you this. I give J5 uh the recipe, south central MC in the place to be. Common say ho if ya know that my flow get ya out on the floor and make ya sweat for sure, uh Cos we got what you need Stuck on my style and my melody Yeah, lemmie' show you where the party at The rhythm from the jungle with a party hat Party back from the front to back, yeah Party rap and you know that So just get back now Party with the people when you bust that move Give it up don't stop now Feel the vibe let the music push you So ladies and Gentlemen For the music this is farfetched extreme, for the brothers we bring a whole brand new thing, Were in-the-house So ladies and Gentlemen Get on down ........完整歌詞請參考 "參考資料"