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    Long ago there was a kingdom called cc, which was surrounded by mountains and an Enchanted Forest. According to a very old legend, beyond the Enchanted Forest and high in the mountains there lived a fierce dragon named gg who was also known as the 'Riddle Master.'

    n the kingdom lived a wizard named gg, who had heard the legend of the Riddle Master for years. It was said that gg wore a crown of pure gold and jewels and whoever could answer the dragon's riddle would be given this crown and a key to unlock the kingdom's Golden Door. The wizard was very interested in this door.

    One day, gg decided to go on a quest to find the dragon and answer the riddle. The townspeople tried to warn the wizard about the dangers of the journey, but gg did not listen.

    As gg walked deeper into the Enchanted Forest, strange sounds came from the shadows of the trees.

    After many hours of walking, the wizard finally found the Riddle Master's cave, but not gg. gg bravely called out, ''Riddle Master, Riddle Master, where are you? Suddenly the dragon appeared...

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