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    in a moment 馬上

    A : come on!we are leaving 快一點!我們要走了

    B : i will be out in a moment 我馬上來

    as a matter of fact 實際上

    A : how can you play the piano so well?你怎麼這麼會彈琴阿

    B : as a matter of fact , i have been learning since i was seven 其實,我從七歲就開始學鋼琴了

    all of a sudden 突然

    A:what happened next 之後發生了什麼是

    B:I dont know.eveything is happened all of a sudden 我不知道 .一切都發生的太突然了

    wake ... up 把...叫醒

    please wake me up at nine 請你九點叫醒我

    fall in love 愛上

    i fall in love with her the moment i saw her. 我第一眼看到他就知道我會愛上他

    what's going on 發生了什麼是

    what's going on out there? 外面發生了什麼事ㄚ?

    call off ... 取消...

    the party was called off because of the rain 因為下雨所以派隊取消了

    be around在附近,來到

    i will be around the stationat ten 我十點鐘將會在車站附近

    give up 放棄,投降,停止

    He gave up the idea of going to America to study. 他放棄了去美國讀書的想法.

    happen to V 偶然,碰巧

    I happened to be out when he called. 他來拜訪我時我碰巧出去

    take place 發生,舉行

    The accident took place at that corner. 那意外發生在那街角

    as (so) long as 只要

    I'll never forget your kindness as long as I live. 只要我活著一天我就永遠不會忘記你的好。

    after all 畢竟.反正.終於

    It has turned out to be a nice day after all.天氣終於轉晴

    in front of 在...之前

    What is that big building in front of us? 我們前面那座大建築物是什麼

    depend on(upon) 依賴...(for);信賴;視...而定

    He depend on his uncle for support..他靠他的叔叔資助.

    as if 好像

    He talks as if he knew everything under the sun.他說的他好像無所不知似的。

    not... at all 一點也不...,

    I don't feel like studying at all tonight. 我今晚一點也不想讀書.

    regard A as B 視A為B

    They regard him as their leader. 他們把他當成他們的領袖.

    go on ...-ing 繼續

    He went on reading the book as if nothing had happened. 他繼續看著書好像沒有事發生一樣.

    not always 不一定,不見得

    Money does not always bring happiness. 錢不一定會帶來快樂.





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