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    The introduction of food in Taiwan.

    Welcome to the paradise of food-Taiwan, a great contury with various kind of delicious food.

    Generally speaking, the so called "Taiwanese food" you can find and eat from the street (from the night-market, or from the food-stand(vendor) or from any major food hall you can find in shopping area), most of Taiwanese food are originally from Mainland China since KMT lost the domestic battle in China and moved the whole troops from China to Taiwan in the late 1950`s.

    While KMT led the whole troop from China to Taiwan (50 some years ago), because most of the soliders were mostly origin from different parts of (provinces)China whiel they "unioned" together for the domestic battle. As the origin of where they came from, they carried all different eatting-assuetudes , and indeed the food-memory they have brought from their home townm. They started to cook what they used to eat (have) from their home town, and these greast spirit of food from the various of provinces of Mainland China has had been spread all over Taiwan island since decades ago, and that the reason why Taiwanese people not only can enjoy the origin of Taiwanese food, and more importantly-To have this great pleasure to enjoy the spirit of Chinese-food easily in any corner of Taiwan.

    Ineed, for the people from Southern provinces of China are tend to eat "rice" and rice related food-products as their daily foodstuff to consume, such as rice cake,fried rice.

    On the contrast, for the people from the North of Taiwan, they major daily foodstuff would tend to be the flour/flour-made related foodstuff...such as noddles,bum...etc.

    Furthermore, because of the convenience of its geographical-location, people from East part of China can consume seafood related food easily and from the Chinese history, sugar and vinegar were all most produced in this area as well-that explain finely in why people from East part of China are enjoy to consume seafood and sweet and sour related food products.

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    食安問題 嚴格把關



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    a.. 燒餅   Clay oven rolls

    b.. 油條   Fried bread stick

    c.. 韭菜盒  Fried leek dumplings

    d.. 水餃   Boiled dumplings

    e.. 蒸餃   Steamed dumplings

    f.. 饅頭   Steamed buns

    g.. 割包   Steamed sandwich

    h.. 飯糰-   Rice and vegetable roll

    i.. 蛋餅   Egg cakes

    j.. 皮蛋   100-year egg

    k.. 鹹鴨蛋  Salted duck egg

    l.. 豆漿   Soybean milk

    m.. 米漿   Rice & peanut milk


    a.. 稀飯   Rice porridge

    b.. 白飯   Plain white rice

    c.. 油飯   Glutinous oil rice

    d.. 糯米飯  Glutinous rice

    e.. 滷肉飯  Braised pork rice

    f.. 蛋炒飯  Fried rice with egg

    g.. 地瓜粥  Sweet potato congee


    a.. 餛飩麵  Wonton & noodles

    b.. 刀削麵  Sliced noodles

    c.. 麻辣麵  Spicy hot noodles

    d.. 麻醬麵  Sesame paste noodles

    e.. 鴨肉麵  Duck with noodles

    f.. 鵝肉麵  Goose with noodles

    g.. 鱔魚麵  Eel noodles

    h.. 烏龍麵  Seafood noodles

    i.. 蚵仔麵線 Oyster thin noodles

    j.. 板條   Flat noodles

    k.. 米粉   Rice noodles

    l.. 炒米粉  Fried rice noodles

    m.. 冬粉   Green bean noodle

    n.. 榨菜肉絲麵  Pork , pickled mustard green noodles


    a.. 魚丸湯  Fish ball soup

    b.. 貢丸湯  Meat ball soup

    c.. 蛋花湯  Egg & vegetable soup

    d.. 蛤蜊湯  Clams soup

    e.. 蚵仔湯  Oyster soup

    f.. 紫菜湯  Seaweed soup

    g.. 酸辣湯  Sweet & sour soup

    h.. 餛飩湯  Wonton soup

    i.. 豬腸湯  Pork intestine soup

    j.. 肉羹湯  Pork thick soup

    k.. 花枝湯  Squid soup

    l.. 花枝羹  Squid thick soup


    a.. 愛玉   Vegetarian gelatin

    b.. 糖葫蘆  Tomatoes on sticks

    c.. 長壽桃  Longevity Peaches

    d.. 芝麻球  Glutinous rice sesame balls

    e.. 麻花   Hemp flowers

    f.. 雙胞胎  Horse hooves


    a.. 綿綿冰  Mein mein ice

    b.. 麥角冰  Oatmeal ice

    c.. 地瓜冰  Sweet potato ice

    d.. 八寶冰  Eight treasures ice

    e.. 豆花   Tofu pudding

    f.. 紅豆牛奶冰  Red bean with milk ice


    a.. 甘蔗汁  Sugar cane juice

    b.. 酸梅汁  Plum juice

    c.. 楊桃汁  Star fruit juice

    d.. 青草茶  Herb juice


    a.. 蚵仔煎  Oyster omelet

    b.. 棺材板  Coffin

    c.. 臭豆腐  Stinky tofu

    d.. 油豆腐  Oily bean curd

    e.. 麻辣豆腐 Spicy hot bean curd

    f.. 天婦羅  Tenpura

    g.. 蝦片   Prawn cracker

    h.. 蝦球   Shrimp balls

    i.. 春捲   Spring rolls

    j.. 雞捲   Chicken rolls

    k.. 碗糕   Salty rice pudding

    l.. 筒仔米糕 Rice tube pudding

    m.. 紅豆糕  Red bean cake

    n.. 綠豆糕  Bean paste cake

    o.. 豬血糕  Pigs blood cake

    p.. 糯米糕  Glutinous rice cakes

    q.. 芋頭糕  Taro cake

    r.. 肉圓   Taiwanese Meatballs

    s.. 水晶餃  Pyramid dumplings

    t.. 肉丸   Rice-meat dumplings

    u.. 蘿蔔糕  Fried white radish patty

    v.. 豆干   Dried tofu


    a.. 當歸鴨  Angelica duck

    b.. 檳榔   Betel nut