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    I, Chen YaJun, born in the east tendency township of Lin County of cloud, was an honest village . Study in the senior high of small house of wheat now. The family ranks old, have six members , parents , eldest brother , elder sister , second elder sister , I. Parents are the parents of the democracy, my father is a contractor , and does not often go to divide waves for the job at home everywhere; Mother is a housewife, I study upwards in encouragement which they often support and constant, it must treasured that too to often tell me now, they once thought of reading after all, it's a pity that parents are unwilling to let them continue reading. Eldest brother, differ by 7 the amount of years old with me , act as the serious primary school repairs the motorcycle in vain in Taizhong now; Elder sisters, they two are in the work of Tainan now.

    My dream is to work as a mathematics teacher, the primary school confirms this goal very much at time, until junior middle school, I confirm the way that I want to take - the mathematics teacher even more. My individual character is optimistic, though the friend often smiles at me silly and silly, but I have a serious heart , been advancing towards my dream constantly all the time , because I have been thought to be only hard untiring, can unquestionably reach one's own goal finally, mathematics is my dream after all. 第一段

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    在課業From lessons, have a class and listen to the talk diligently , study modestly, so there is good behavior on the lessons, mathematics is more outstanding , like Shen to soak in the world of mathematics , like to play the digital game,{遊戲}

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    算出Calculate end beautiful answer, in piece of odd times pass the examination in the class, rank in the top several. Liked playing basketball after leisure, let me know a lot of friends , can enjoy the happiness that sweat too while learning the playing skill from each other .

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    最後Finally , expect oneself to draw more mathematics knowledge continuously, foster and train one's own logic more and think , make oneself after graduating from the high school, become a fresh person of department of mathematics

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    OK了 全幫你翻譯好了= =