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    Divorce in itself is trying enough. If children are involved, it becomes even more trying and extremely emotional. Parents often loose sight of what is in the best interest of their children. Where do the children fit into this whole new life that is being created? Unfortunately, children often become financial pawns in a divorce when child custody issues are being decided.

    Children have rights in divorce. Let common sense prevail when it comes to the children. They should not be used as an outlet for anger, nor should they ever be used to get revenge against your spouse. Don't bad-mouth your ex-spouse in front of your kids, even if you are still angry or feuding. Try not to use your kids as a messenger or go-between, especially when you're feuding. Children are egocentric. They think their role in things is much more important than it really is. Because of this, they often feel that they have in some way caused the divorce. Make sure they know it is not their fault. It is also important for kids to know that just because parents divorce each other, they're not divorcing their kids. Some kids think that if their parents are divorcing, it means their moms and dads will want to leave them, too. Remind them often that your love for them is unconditional and will not change because of the divorce.

    There are many aspects of divorce that need to be considered including: custody and visitation; financial issues such as alimony and child support, taxes, pensions and insurance; hiring an attorney or mediator; determining if you should do your own divorce; separation agreements and much more.

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    離婚本質上嘗試足夠。如果孩子是包含的, 它變得嘗試和極端情感。父母經常疏鬆什麼的視域是符合他們的孩子的利益。孩子在哪裡適合入被創造的這整體新生活? 不幸地, 孩子經常成為財政典當在離婚當兒童監護權問題被決定。

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    孩子有權利在離婚。讓常識戰勝當它來到孩子。他們不應該應該被使用作為出口為憤怒, 亦不他們曾經被使用得到復仇反對您的配偶。不要bad-mouth 您的前配偶在您的孩子前面, 既使您是惱怒或feuding 。設法不使用您的孩子作為信使或中間人, 特別是當您feuding 。孩子是自我中心的。他們認為他們的在事的角色比它真正地重要。

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    因此, 他們經常認為, 他們在某個方面導致了離婚。確定他們知道這不是他們的缺點。它是還重要為孩子知道那正因為父母與離婚, 他們不與他們的孩子離婚。一些孩子認為如果他們的父母離婚, 它意味他們的媽媽和爸爸將想要留下他們, 也是。

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    經常提醒他們, 您的對他們的愛是無條件的, 不會改變由於離婚。有需要被考慮的許多離婚的方面: 監管和訪問; 財政問題譬如撫養費和撫養費、稅、退休金和保險; 聘用律師或斡旋人; 確定如果您做您自己的離婚; 分離協議和更多。

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