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請問 look有什麼相關片語

例如 look for .look at .look like 還有什麼? 有多少就多少 我很需要 謝謝^^

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    look about 四處觀看

    look about for 到處搜查

    look after 照顧

    look ahead 瞻前;未雨綢繆

    look alike 面貌很相似的人

    look around 觀光;仔細察看

    look as if 看起來好像

    look at 看;注視

    look away 轉臉看別處

    look back 回想;追憶;畏縮

    look back on 回憶

    look before you leap 三思而後行

    look down 往下看;低頭

    look for 尋找;期待;搜尋

    look forward to 盼望;期待

    look in 往裡面看

    look in the eye 面對;直視

    look in the face 直視

    look into 調查;研究

    look like看起來像

    look on 觀望;旁觀;看;以為

    look on .. as 將..視為

    look on as 看作;認為

    look out 小心;當心;注意

    look out for 期待;物色

    look over 檢查;查閱

    look someone in the face 直視某人

    look someone up 探訪某人

    look through 看穿;徹底審查

    look to 面向;當心;依賴

    look to A for B 期待A於B

    look to the future 考慮未來

    look towards 面對

    look up 查閱;翻查

    look up and down 上下打量某人

    look up at 抬起頭看

    look up from one's book 停下來不看書而看別的事物

    look up to 尊敬;景仰

    look upon 面對;俯視;面臨

    look well 像很健康

    2006-09-26 11:54:17 補充:

    大楓出版社 - 如何加強英文成語、片語look in on 探望,拜訪look on with 同看,共議look-see, have a look-see 檢查lookout 守衛,守望的人;留意,留心,想要購買 be on the lookoutlooking-glass 鏡子looking up 情況好轉

    2006-09-26 11:55:12 補充:

    另外尚有找到增加者,是與 No.1答覆者相同之片語如下:look a gift horse in the mouth 看顧look daggers at 怒目而視,憎惡look down one's nose at 鄙夷,輕視look down upon 鄙視,看輕,輕視,叱責look for a needle in a haystack 大海撈針,草堆找針look high and low for 到處尋找look out upon 面對 ,望向大楓出版社 - 如何加強英文成語、片語

    參考資料: 快譯通電子辭典
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    片語: look about (around) 四下張望;察看;考慮立場。 look about (around) for 到處搜尋;尋求。 look after (a)照料;留神。(b)目送(物、人)。 look a gift horse in the mouth 對他人之贈予吹毛求疵。 look ahead 展望前途。 Look alive (lively)! (=Look sharp!) 行動快點!趕快! look as if (though) 看起來像是;似乎是。 look at 注視;審察。 look away 把臉轉過去;往旁處看。 look back (a)回顧;回憶。(b)【英】折回拜訪。 Look before you leap. 【諺】三思而後行。 look big 自大;傲慢不遜。 look daggers at 怒目而視。 look down 俯視;沮喪。 look down (up)on 輕視;鄙視。 look down one's nose at 瞧不起;鄙夷。 look for 尋找;指望;希望。 look for a needle in a haystack 大海撈針;作無望之搜求。 look forward to 期盼。 Look here! 【口】喂!瞧!(促請注意)。 look high and low for 到處尋找。 look in (非正式用法)順道拜訪。 look into 窺探;調查。 look like (a)似;看起來像是。(b)像是要;很可能。 look like a million dollars (非正式用法)容光煥發;美麗動人。 look (like) oneself (在病後)看起來像平常一樣。 look on (a)旁觀。(b)視為。 look on the bright side 樂天;持樂觀態度。 look (feel) one's age 和年齡相稱。 look out (a)注意;提防。(b)照料。(c)【英】揀選。 look out upon 面對;望向。 look over (a)查看。(b)寬恕;忽略。 look round (a)轉首欲看。(b)仔細考慮。 look small 顯得不重要;自慚形穢。 look the other way 假裝沒看見。 look through (a)透過...而看。(b)徹地檢查。(c)(故意)視而不見。 look to (a)注意;照料。(b)依賴...;期待。 look to it that 確定。 look to one's laurels 保持榮譽。 look toward(s) (a)面向。(b)作準備;預期。 look up (a)轉好;改進。(b)查看;找資料。(c)探訪。 look up and down 上下打量(某人)。 look upon (a)認為;視為。(b)觀察。 look up to 尊敬;敬仰。 Look you! 小心!當心! not (never) look back 勇往直前;不斷進步。 找到再來加  ^^

    參考資料: on my own ^^"
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