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瓜瓜 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


題目是Something exciting that happened to me during last summer vacation


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    1 0 年前



    Last summer vacation period has the matter on my body which stimulates

    one day, I and the family member went to a sand beach to play in once,

    that sand beach very beautiful, the sea water was very clear, was

    allowed to say did not have the sundry goods, in that : Some people

    play the volleyball, the adult in the sand beach in Shui?wan the sand

    beach ball, some people on in swim...... but I on very dedicated to

    look a man in plays in the water the motorcycle, my mother/the daddy

    is called me to launch the swimming, I all do not want to move,

    according to him sails upstream, asks me: (You are not very want to

    study? ? The paternal aunt fruit you thought the speech, I ask for

    advice you some simple postures), certainly, I complied, afterwards,

    did has been very long, I all had to go home, longingly left


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