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The media to record and carry

The media to record and carry music have changed rapidly over the last 150 years.The earliest commercial medium was the vinyl records, which were large black disks that had grooves on them. Record machines can read those grooves with a needle and translates the grooves into music. Later cassette tapes were invented. Cassette tapes replace the physical grooves with a magnetic strip, allowing the tapes to be of a smaller size.About fifteen years ago,CDs became an increasingly popular medium for recording music, because of the large amount of high quality music that it could carry. today,MP3s are quickly replacing CDs as the popular medium. Since MP3s have no mass but rather they are data in a computer, one could store thousands of songs and carry them wherever they go.請幫忙翻譯這段文章,謝謝謝絕翻譯軟體.

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    紀錄跟攜帶音樂的媒介 在這150年來有著極快速的轉變 而最早的商業媒體則是稱作留聲碟盤.他們是具有紋路的大型黑色碟盤.留聲機可以藉由機器上的讀取針來讀取碟盤上的紋路 再將其轉換為音樂. 之後卡帶(錄音帶)問世.卡帶可以將那些紋路轉換到磁條中 讓他們的尺寸更加縮減.

    而在大約十五年前 , CD由於其大容量跟音樂的高品質 而廣泛成為大受歡迎的錄製音樂媒介. 在今天 則是MP3快速的取代CD 成為現今最受歡迎的媒介,因為他們雖然外表不大 但也算是電腦的一部份(資料) 一台MP3 可以存上數以千計的歌曲 而且不論到哪裡都能隨地欣賞歌曲.

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    約15年前,cd變成了收錄音樂的主流媒介,因為它可以收錄大量的高音品質音樂。至今,mp3正快速的取代cd的主流媒介。mp3 沒有實體、只是電腦上的檔案,一個可以儲存上千的歌曲,帶著到處走的媒介。

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