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Anyone know how to do the Graduation Portfolio? (In Canada)

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    CORE 1.1

    Respond to an art, performance, or design work.

    CORE 2.1

    Participate in a

    service activity.

    CORE 3.1

    Complete a transition plan to post-secondary or work.

    CORE 4.1

    Complete 30 hours of work or volunteer experience.

    CORE 5.1

    Use information technology skills.

    CORE 6.1

    Complete 80 hrs of moderate to intense

    physical activity.


    CHOICE 1.2

    Create, perform, or design an original work.

    CHOICE 2.2

    Demonstrate positive interpersonal communication.

    CHOICE 3.2

    Research education, career, and life information.

    CHOICE 4.2


    fundamental skills.

    CHOICE 5.2

    Use the Internet to research information.

    CHOICE 6.2

    Engage in physical activity beyond the 80 hours in Core.


    CHOICE 1.3

    Analyze structural components in a work.

    CHOICE 2.3

    Respond to human rights.

    CHOICE 3.3

    Identify and demonstrate transferable education skills.

    CHOICE 4.3

    Demonstrate personal management skills.

    CHOICE 5.3

    Use information technology to manage information.

    CHOICE 6.3

    Connect healthy eating to physical well-being.

    CHOICE 1.4

    Identify cultural, historical, or social contexts in a work.

    CHOICE 2.4

    Promote respect for diversity.

    CHOICE 3.4

    Engage in focused and continuous learning.

    CHOICE 4.4


    teamwork skills.

    CHOICE 5.4

    Use information technology to present information.

    CHOICE 6.4

    Link emotional well-being to general health.

    CHOICE 1.5

    CHOICE 2.5

    CHOICE 3.5

    Post-Secondary Exploration

    CHOICE 4.5

    CHOICE 5.5

    CHOICE 6.5

    Make health-enhancing decisions.

    CHOICE 1.6

    CHOICE 2.6

    CHOICE 3.6

    Scholarship Resume

    CHOICE 4.6

    CHOICE 5.6

    CHOICE 6.6

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    Literally Graduation Portfolio means the PAIN IN THE A*S*S. However, it is one of the requirement in order to graduate. It has been devided into three sections.A. Core        B. Choice        C. PresentationA. Core is worth 30% you MUST get 30 out of 30 to geaduate.B. Choice is worth up to maximum 50%C. Presentation is worth 20% and you MUST attend the presentation process otherwise you WILL NOT be able to graduate.So here it goes~Basically you will have to talk to your teachers about it. Ask them if they would adopt any aspect. Normally those teachers hate it, but they will adopt some of them. If you have any concern, feel free to ask me. I hope the above information can do a little help. If not you can add more or another board. I can tell you all I know about it.

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