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米果 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


Everyone's good-morning, now I want introduce myself, my name is called Migo, come from Hualien, there is beautiful ocean there, there is also steep high mountain, father, mother in my family, elder brother and what I constitute, The home matches joy to melt, I BE a has much of character of person, in some places, I would particularly of adherence, but sometimes I would also very Literally, I like according to oneself of the way does I live in of an each thing, I of interest very extensively, during the days in the primary school, attend a badminton school a team, training physical strength, also attended a guitar club, develop me of qualities, the performance that is at school challenges me more of courage with increase me of self-confident heart, senior high school of time, attended volleyball a club, this BE I the most favorite exercise of a, I also like sing a song, everyday hum song BE I of habit, I also very like English, I imagine hereafter smoothly speak English, in English communicate with person is also I of dream, in the junior high school the basic achievement test, English seems me of strong item, for the first time take of full marks, I know now of degree to a lot of people, just the small sorcery sees a big sorcery, cloth lead I can't easily give up, in the university four years, I very expect, expect substantial every day.



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    Good morning, everyone.

    Please let me introduce myself (可省略不用)

    My name is Migo.

    I come from Hua lien.

    The ocean there is very beautiful, and there are high mountains as well.

    There are four members in my family including my parents, older brother (美式用法) and me.

    We all get along well with each other.

    I am a person of many sides.

    sometimes I am quite obedient,

    but sometimes I am naughty,

    (I like according to oneself of the way does I live in of an each thing, 對不起,看不懂)

    是不是 – I like to do things according to my way of thinking ???

    I have a great diversity of interests

    I played badminton and was one of the members in school team when I was in primary school.

    I took training course for strengthening my body.

    I also play guitar and took part in the guitar club (in high school?).

    develop me of qualities, 這句的意思是什麼? 我猜一下好了. In order to develop more qualities,

    I regard my performance at school as the way to increase courage and self-confidence in me.

    I played volleyball when I was in high school. (國中用 Junior high school, 高中用 high school 就好了)

    It is my favorite exercise and I love playing it so much.

    I like to sing as well. (唱歌是中文用法)

    Humming all the time has become my daily habit.

    I like English very much.

    I wish to speak English fluently someday

    and I am dreaming of talking with people in English for communication.

    It seemed to me that my English was quite good because when I was in junior high school,

    I got a full mark in “basic achievement test” for the first time.

    I know it means nothing to many people.

    Comparing to others, I am just like “a man of little learning”

    but I will not give up easily

    I will improve my English ability during the four years in the university. Hopefully I will make progress day by day.


    1. to pale into insignificance in comparison with; to feel dwarfed

    2. a man of little learning in the presence of a great scholar

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    Everyone's good-morning... x

    Good morning, everyone ... o

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    有。 錯很離譜。 第一句I want introduce myself 就少了介詞to

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