Covering letter與Resume的差別?



如果可以請附上covering letter的範例



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    什麼是C.V?C.V是"curriculum vitae"的縮寫,其實就是英文簡歷,與"Resume"一詞皆是英文履歷表的通用語,建議求職者若有公司要求寄送C.V的話,則可寄送比一般Resume更為簡短的簡歷表。範例:詳細的英文履歷表與自傳英文簡歷表Cover Letter撰寫當準備好了個人履歷表、自傳及相關文件之後,你就直接將這些資料寄出去嗎?其實最有禮貌的作法,還是要附上一封"Cover Letter",即所謂的應徵函或自薦信,簡單的說明自己從何處得知該公司徵才的訊息,以及應徵該職務的原因,並客氣的請求公司主管詳讀個人資料並提供面試機會,這樣的作法才不會讓求才公司覺得突兀或沒有禮貌。而這份文件的撰寫,只要比照一般商用文書的格式與書寫原則即可。 範例一Dear Mr. Lee:Having heard that the situation of a cashier in your office is vacant. I wish to offer my service for it. I am 25 years of age, and have worked for fifteen months in a similar position for ABC Co., Ltd., Taipei. I left them solely becuse they made a reduction in their establishment. I hope to have the pleasure of your granting me an interview. Very truly yours,Gary Chen. 範例二Dear Sir:I have learned from a friend that there is a vacancy in the YK GrammerSchool, and I wish to apply for the position. I graduated from Harvardy 1982. For the last three years I have been teaching chemistry at Chung-wha High School, in Taichung city. I am also per-mitted to refer to Professor John Powell, of the Education Department at the Taipei Normal College. I should welcome a personal interview at your convenience and enclosing a brief personal history. Sincerely yours,Tom Lee. 更多資料請參考: