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懇求~幫忙翻譯或段落說明一下”遠端鑑識”的英文文章 Ⅵ


Dust and loose components mean that once they are powered down, the hard disk(s) taken out and replaced, then other components can become dislodged and cause system failure. Repairing the old system and bringing it back on stream can take significant time.

With larger companies, there may be some uncertainty about where potential evidence might be located. Remote forensics can be used to review material on various servers to help exclude non-relevant computers and focus on those containing germane data.

The forensic expert does not need physical access to the computer to be able to take a forensic image. The servlet program can be loaded onto the target machine from a remote location and the imaging process started without the user being aware. This is very useful in money laundering and whistleblower investigations where it is important not to tip off the suspect. Section 301 of the Sarbanes Oxley Act stipulates that there should be a process for investigating whistleblower complaints without tipping off.

The servlet software is installed on a machine and licensing ensures that it will only function in conjunction with the remote forensic software installation that created it. During the installation process, the remote forensic software reads parameters from the computer, which it uses when registering the software. Once the remote forensics software has been registered, the servlet program is compiled on the computer and builds in the registration information from the computer. The upshot of this is that the servlet is tied to a particular installation of the forensic software and is the only one that can communicate with it. Therefore the remote forensic software is bound to a particular installation and cannot be distributed to other machines, with the servlet only working with that installation of the remote forensic software.

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    Dust and loose components mean that once ...43


    With larger companies, there may be some.........43


    The forensic expert does not need physical access...43

    鑑識專家不會須要physical access來連結電腦才能取得鑑識image。Servlet程式可以由遠端在目標機器上被讀取,而且imaging程序也可以在不被任何使用者發覺下執行。在調查洗錢和告密者時不能露出馬腳(洩漏機密給嫌犯?)是非常重要的,所以在這個情形之下不被查覺是很有用的一點。Sarbanes Oxley Act 的第301項(條/款/節?)規定應該要有個程序讓 ((協助)) 調查的告密者能在不露出馬腳的情況下控告(抱怨?) ((嫌犯))。

    The servlet software is installed on a machine ....43

    Servlet軟體安裝在機器上且許可(頒發許可證給?) ((機器?)),並且擔保它只會在與創造它的遠端鑑識軟體安裝 ((程式)) (設備?)連結才會作用(運作)。在安裝程序中,遠端鑑識軟體從目標電腦上讀取參數,而那台電腦是在登記(註冊?)這個軟體時使用的 ((那台))。只要遠端鑑識軟體一被登記(註冊?),servlet程式就編輯(編譯/轉換成程式語言?)在那台電腦上,而且從那台電腦中建立在登記(註冊?)資訊裡。這個要點是servlet綁在特定的鑑識軟體安裝 ((程式)) 裡,而且是唯一一個可以與之連繫的 ((程式))。因此遠端鑑識軟體是受一個特定的安裝 ((程式)) 束縛住(綑綁?),而且無法分開到另一個機器上,用servlet只能在遠端鑑識軟體安裝 ((程式)) 上運作。

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