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Rhodes Trust???


The Rhodes Trust would allow people to do their military service and come to Oxford afterward, but since I had decided to be in the draft, with no end in sight in Vietnam, it didn't seem prudent to think about afterward.

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    Rhodes Trust 准許學生先到軍隊履行義務然後再回來Oxford

    但既然我已經決定要去當兵 越戰又似乎看不見停戰的跡象


    *Rhodes Trust是Oxford大學的一個教育慈善單位

    參考資料: myself
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    Rhodes 信賴將會然後讓人做他們的軍事服務而且到達牛津,但是自從我之後已經決定在草稿中,由於不停地在越南的視力,它沒有似乎審慎的然後想。 

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    我想柯林頓這裡指的應該是Rhodes Scholarship是由Cecil Rhodes設立的獎學金,學生可以到牛津唸書,我轉載字典的一部份;

    Rhodes Scholarship

    a sum of money given to some students from the US, the British Commonwealth, and Germany to allow them to study at Oxford University. The money for these scholarships was originally provided by Cecil Rhodes. A student receiving one of these scholarships is called a Rhodes Scholar..

    關於Cecil Rhodes:

    Rhodes, Cecil

    (1853-1902) a South African politician, born in the UK, who was Prime Minister of Cape Colony (1890-96) and is famous for his imperialism (=the policy by which rich and powerful countries gain political and economic control over poorer countries). He also made a lot of money from diamondmines, and he used some of this to set up the Rhodes Scholarships.


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