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霸王別姬's english name??

I am in the US now and can't type in chinese

so i am trying to find 霸王別姬's english name so i MAYBE can find it here in the video store in the US

cuz i am in a class that is called History through film and my teacher told me to find some GOOD HISTORICAL CHINESE MOVIE!!!

so if u guy can give me some sugguestion that will be great!!!


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    Farewell My Concubine

    另外 TIME有霸王別姬的文章, 我已經把它轉貼過來了,或請您連結以下網址進去看,23220,fa...

    您可以在美國您住的區域附近的百事達網站查查看, 是否有此片出租

    Farewell My Concubine

    Two boys meet as students in a punishing Peking Opera school in the 1920s and remain partners, friends and enemies for 50 years. It’s The Sunshine Boys with screechy singing, and one of the boldest, most beautiful Chinese films in a decade dominated by them. In the “Concubine” opera that becomes their trademark, stolid Duan Xiaolou (Zhang Fengyi) plays the emperor, luscious Cheng Dieyi (the late, great Leslie Cheung) the concubine. Yin and yang are the roles they assume offstage as well, as Xiaolou has an affair with a courtesan (Gong Li, the imperious queen of Chinese cinema) and Dieyi flirts with the satrap of the occupying Japanese government. Sexual politics gives way to political horror during the Cultural Revolution, when personal betrayal may be the one way to stay alive. Chen Kaige’s stately, volcanic epic was one of the first Mainland films to acknowledge that damage wrought by Maoism. Beyond that, it is a rich dramatization of the venial and mortal betrayals that are the secret, somber melodies of our lives. —R.C.

    另外, 您也可以參考另一部電影, 推手 (Pushing Hands). 推手也是李安的其中一部好作品, 我個人非常欣賞這一部.



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    霸王別姬's english name - Farewell to My Concubine

    This is a movie that decribes a Chinese Opera performs on the stage, it is by 張國榮,鞏俐.

    If you want to find the whole movie is decribing history of 霸王別姬, maybe you can look for farewell my beauty or say good-bye my beauty. Afterall, 虞姬 is not a Concubine.

    參考資料: internet and myself
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    霸王別姬's english name is farewell my concubine

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