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請給我ANGRA 的 REBIRTH的 歌詞!!

ANGRA在星期六有演唱會!! 希望大家可以去!!

我想要ANGRA rebirth這首歌的歌詞!!


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    Rebirth Lyricsmusician: AngraCooling breeze from a summer dayHearing echoes from your heartLearning how to recompose the wordsLet time just flyJoyfull sea-gulls roaming on the shoreNot a single note would soundRaise my head after I dry my faceLet time just flyRecalling, retreatingReturning, retreavingA small talk your missingMore clever but older nowA leader, a learnerA lawful beginerA lodger of lunacySo lucid in a jungleA helper, a sinnerA scarecroow's agonyzing smileOh! Minutes go round and roundInside my headOh! My chest will now explodeFalling into piecesRain breaks on the ground-blood!One minute foreverA sinner regretingMy vulgar misery ends(And I) ride the winds of a brand new dayHigh where mountain's standFound my hope and pride againRebirth of a manTime to fly...