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翻譯歌詞Soldiers of the Wasteland


我自己有試著翻譯 希望有程度較好的人能翻的更好!



Soldiers of the Wasteland

Burning fires burning lives on the long distant roads

Trough the lost mountains endless so far away from home

Crossing battles savage seas towards the mountains high

Forest plains of wilderness we're striking out tonight

On towards our destiny we travel far and wide

Journey through the darkness as your hearts refuse to die

In the flames of hell we fire at will the fires of doom has come

With the forces of the blackest knights there're staring at the sun

Far across the distant plains of ice we're searching for the sword

When the time has come for battle now we follow with the horde

We will ride with fire burning hot towards the night sky

In the land of long ago forever in our souls

Fly on wings of shining steel are burning so bright

In ancient lands of warriors we're riding on again

Fallen soldiers taste the steel of death the daylight dawning

Sun will shine upon the lives of burning hearts of ice

As you break through the boundaries of life this feeling of despair

And they die in their sleep for the world that will not care

You feel lost in this labyrinth of pain this sickening dismay

There's a voice inside that's calling another wasted day

Can't you see the history the suffocating madness

In the land of fallen souls there's nowhere left no place to go

I have traveled far and wide across this wasteland

Still searching for the answers for the right to understand

Burning fires burning lives on the long distant roads...

Riding through starlight and smashing the boundaries as hellfire falls from the sky

A shadow of pain will arise from the ashes of those fallen ones who have died

Our only master with fire and fury of hell will see his bidding done

Blasting from high as the battle unfolds to the gates of the city we come

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    漫漫長路上 熊熊的烈火 燃燒的靈魂

    翻越無盡的山嶺 家園在千里之外

    穿越如狂野海洋般的戰場 邁向高聳的山峰

    森林如荒原 今晚我們得徹夜趕路

    千里迢迢 我們朝著目的地前行

    穿越黑暗的旅程 你的決不死心

    在地獄之火中 我們任意開火 死亡的火焰已燃起

    隨著邪惡力量 那些凝視太陽的目光

    穿越無垠的冰原 我們尋找著禍害的根源

    爭戰時刻已來臨 我們現在就跟著人群走


    千年的土地 在我們的靈魂中永存

    飛翔吧 乘坐著耀眼的鋼鐵翅膀 它們正燦爛地燃燒著

    在戰士的故土上 我們再次奔馳

    沉淪的戰士體驗冷酷的死亡 天空正破曉


    當你衝破生命的疆界 這股絕望感

    他們在睡夢中死去 但世界並不會為此擔憂

    你迷失在這難以言喻的痛苦中 這令人厭倦的沮喪

    冥冥中有股聲音說著 一天又過去了


    在靈魂沉淪的土地上 根本無處可逃

    我行跡千里 穿越這荒原


    漫漫長路上 熊熊的烈火 燃燒的靈魂...

    在星空下前行 當苦難從天而降 便要衝破疆界


    我們唯一的主宰 帶著地獄的烈焰與憤怒 將眼見他的命令達成

    在高處毀滅吧 戰爭正朝著我們前往的城市蔓延去

    參考資料: my comprehension, plus dictionary