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edcation system in Florida(急)

Can anyone informs me the details about the system of education in Florida?(All in English) Pretty rush and thanks...

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    There are 108 degree-granting institutions in Florida, including a combination of two- and four-year, public and private, upper- and lower-division, and technical and professional institutions. Table 2 indicates that 83 percent of higher education enrollment in Florida is in public higher education. Among the case study states, Florida ranks low with regard to the level of educational attainment of the population. It ranks last with regard to the percentage of high school graduates going on to higher education anywhere, sixth (out of seven) with regard to undergraduate enrollment per 1,000 residents and last with regard to public four-year enrollment per 1,000 residents. The low ranking of undergraduate enrollment per capita in four-year institutions is because primary access to higher education in Florida is through the community colleges. In fact, Florida ranks third in the case study states on public two-year enrollment per 1,000 residents.

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    Florida operates a relatively low-cost system of higher education because the state has a lower than average cost of living, and a large proportion of public students are enrolled in the community colleges, with their lower associated unit costs.

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    Nine of the 111 degree-granting institutions in Florida are public four-year institutions (not including the new campus to open in 1997) and 29 are public two-year institutions. The rest are private colleges and universities.

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    同學..... 我要的不是翻譯...謝謝你喔 !!:) 真可愛