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Sum41 - makes no difference

Sum41-Open Your Eyes

聯合公園-In The End

聯合公園-Be Somebody

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    Sum41-Makes no difference

    You're running fast and missing but cannot help convincing.

    The reasons you gave me are all wearing thin.

    It's not meant to hurt you but let me assure you,

    It's not what I said but intentions you've read.


    So when you hold on to, the past then you,

    Will brake down what little is left.

    There's nothing more you can't ignore,

    And say it makes no difference to me.

    Now that you're older life's weighing on your shoulders.

    You can't seem to keep things so perfectly straight.

    With most things so basic you might as well face it.

    You can't help but worry it's all just begun


    It makes no difference,

    It makes no dfference to me,

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    sum41-Open Your Eyes Park- In the end Park- Be Somebody

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