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having power outlet by your circuit breaker?

I am getting my new home built and am wondering is the circuit breaker in the basement come with a regular power outlet or is that something I can add? If I can add, is it difficult to add? Can I do it myself?


I would like to plug my cable modem in the basement where my network board or base there so I can then simply plug my router in my office where there is a network outlet.

Therefore, if I can add an outlet by the circuit breaker panel, then I can do that. Otherwise, I will not be use this setup.

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    You don't sound like you have experience with electrical work, so you shouldn't even think of doing the work. You are having the house built--you should have a walk-though with the electrician to talk about anything special you need. You should tell him this any anything else special you want at that time. An extra outlet by the panel should be easy and cheap ($20-30).

    Nobody should even open the cover of a circuit breaker box if they don't ALREADY know what is inside and know what they are doing.

    Some wrong answers about code have been posted. First, the national electrical code does NOT require an outlet by your panel. It DOES require ONE in a basement, and it can be anywhere. The basement outlet needs GFCI regardless of a sink or other water source.

    參考資料: knowledge of the national electrical code
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    I assume you are asking 'is the outlet in the basement a regular outlet'?

    If so, the answer is Yes, but only if it isn't close to a source of water such as a sink, shower or tub. If it is close to any water source, the outlet would have to be a GFCI (Ground Fault Interrupter Circuit) outlet. It's basically the same as a regular outlet except that it is offers internal protection (typically 20 amps).

    Whether it is a regular or GFCI outlet, it is relatively easy to install/add. Just be positive the power is off and ... black wire to small slot, white wire to large slot and bare or green wire to ground terminal.

    Note: While a GFCI outlet will allow a washing machine to be plugged in, the constant high current drain will eventually cause failure of the GFCI outlet. This is especially true of front loading washers.

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    Usually the electrician places a receptacle by the circuit box "to pass the panel inspection" This is done because the service must be inspected, to meet temporary power requirements during construction, it usually remains. If it is inside, it does not require a GFCI, as the service will not be located with in reach of hazards...There will be a rough-in inspection before anything is covered and a final upon completion, three in all. The best for your needs would be a "Dedicated Receptacle" supplying a surge protector and feed modem and equipment from that...

    參考資料: see:
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    Your question leaves a lot to be desired. You can add circuits, it requires thought and consideration to the type of circuit you want to add. What is it you want to do?

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    very easy to add. you can learn about it in a book or even just ask someone in the electrical dept at a home depot type store.

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    It is Code to have a GFI outlet next to the service panel

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    they don't come with one , just ask him to add one to an electrician that's easy compared to anything else ( brothers an electrician) you can add one yourself but if you don't know electric at all i wouldn't

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    hey tell your contractor where you want your outlets, he will try and make a change order but hey it is your house.

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