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My school life is very brilliant, has the class of border movementweek,

including various types competition, has the basketball, thebadminton...

And so on. Moreover, the school also can conduct the verymany special course,

I may absorb in very many books no knowledge.

Ordinary day I can practice the karate, also can occasionally writeand the painting, frequently looked comic books and novels, I thought cartoon novel extremely enchanting, does not like the text books todgily to be senseless,

has the moving plot, the rich knowledge, some knowledge or study,

likes the Chinese chess, the tennis... And so on.

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    i think you should say that..(firstly i dont think i will be right ok!this is just my suggestion!!)

    i think運動週 shold be..we have class sports week and also it includ lots different types of competition. just like basketball, badminton and so on...futher more, the school will also give some disquisition. i can absorb some knowledges from this and these knowledges you can not really find in the book.

    weekdays i will go and have some karate practice also at times i will do some creation of my writing and drawing, i read comic books and novels frequenntly. for me, i think cartoon's novel extremely enchanting, it does not like the text book rigidity and boring. it has attractive clue, abundant knowledge. i have learnt some knowledges from it too.. for example; chess, tennis and et cetera...

    hope thoes can help you..ok..good luck!