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About university education

Does university education improve one's quality of life?1.what is the difination of quality of life?2.how is university education affecting the material life and spiritual life?3.any other imformation Answer with English or Chinese are both ok//PLZ HELP...I need you opinionssssss.

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    The answer is YES!

    University education if pretty essential if one wants to get any kind of decent job. Look at job search fair, only the most prestige university graduate will be able to land good jobs. And most of time, good job equals to good money.

    It depends on how does one define the quality of life. The most usual is big houses, fast cars, pretty women/men. And usually, one can not obtain these without money, and one can not obtain money without university education.

    One might be able to find examples of sucessful person without university education. However, they are of rarity.

    Other than the fact that university education can allow one to make more money thus obtain better material life, the corelation between material life, spiritual life and university education can not be treated as hand in hand. You can argue that spiritual life is dependent of one's own up-bringing. If one is spiritual, it does not matter if he is university graduated, or rich or poor. Go to a temple, or a church, you will see people of all kinds, university graduated or not.

    To make a statement that strongly link the university education with spiritual life is just false.

    Hope this answers your question.

    參考資料: a Taiwanese American
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  • koka
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    personally i would say yeah it does, not matter what type of industry you will be going into after u graduate, a higher education degree always helps (this is even more true in asia). with higher education you either get paid higher or you get raise faster.

    1. that you live more happily, less stress/problems etc.

    2. better education will grant you better knowledge and interpretation skills which will help you do a better job at work (and therefore you are more likely to get paid more). Spiritual life? well if you are talking about religions then, yeah by been more knowledgable you have better abilities to judge the good and the not-so-good parts of some religions so that you won't end up as a ignorant and stubborn person,

    3. university education is not JUST about reading books and studying, you will learn communications skills, people skills, how to solve real life problems etc, I would personally recommand EVERYONE to atleast complete a bachelor's degree disregard of what type of work they will be doing or interested in in the future.


    參考資料: a uni graduate -> me
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