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裡面有一篇故事 我必須得翻譯









巨蟹座 → 巨蟹座的符號象徵胸,也就是說明了巨蟹和胸有關;


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    ( 1)Zeus and world girl Gram Mei Ni lived the son sea glass, the sea glass afterwards has married with German shell princess, has lived the child content life. Because after the zeus Hera's incantation, the sea glass unexpectedly personally kills the wife, own also desire commits suicide, zeus in order to let him make reparations, is the appointment for Ye Reese the Tess king, he essential experiences 12 big risks motions, second item is the uniform lives in the bog west the monster pulls. West pulls the great snake which only has nine heads, hides nearby the bog in the cavern, the sea glass throws the torch to it, enrages the west pulls spits the gas attack, lives together in the bog greatly great crab west saw with own eyes pulls struggles hard, is jumps out nips the sea glass the foot, the result great crab is stepped on garrulously, west pulls also by the uniform. Hera because is sad it passing away, but sets up Cancer in the space.


        Cancer -> Cancer's mark symbol chest, also was explained the great crab with the chest related; Is conceivable by Cancer's myth, some one kind of family's feeling, simultaneously also and is jealous concerns. On the other hand also some people pointed out that, actually Cancer's mark symbolizes the great crab's carapace, from this is also worthy of looking at Cancer to protect oneself the special characteristic, with hideaway custom.