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Restaurant manager (directeur du-restaurant)

The restaurant manager has the administrative and organizational responsibility for the food service areas. These would normally include restaurants, lounge, room service and ancillary areas. The standards of service are set by the manager.

The restaurant manager is involved in interviewing prospective new members of staff and is responsible for on- and off-the-job training. He or she will also be involved in the compiling of duty rotas and holiday lists.

Together with the head chef and the general manager, the restaurant manager plans menus and sets profit targets. He or she may also be involved in the planning of banquets.

Head waiter (maître ďhotel)

The head waiter has the overall responsibility for the day-to-day running of the restaurant. He or she is also responsible for ensuring that the correct standards of service are maintained. The head waiter will deal with customers’ reservations and distribute the workload.

During the service, the head waiter will receive customers, escort them to their tables, and take their orders. Depending on the size and excellence of the operation, there may be more than one maître ďhotel, in which case the duties and responsibilities are divided among them.

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    餐館經理(directeur du 餐館) 餐館經理有對食品供應區域的行政和組織責任。這些通常會包括餐館、休息室、客房服務和輔助區域。服務標準由經理規定。餐館經理被介入在採訪職員的預期新成員和負責和這工作訓練。他或她並且將被介入在編寫義務rotas 和假日名單。與頂頭廚師和總經理一起, 餐館經理計劃菜單並且集合贏利目標。他或她也許並且被介入在宴會計劃。

    在服務期間, 頂頭侍者有對餐館的每日賽跑的整體責任。他或她還負責保證, 服務正確標準被維護。頂頭侍者將應付顧客的保留和將分佈工作量。在服務期間, 頂頭侍者將接受顧客, 將護航他們對他們的桌, 和將接受他們的命令。根據操作的大小和優秀, 那裡也許是超過一個maitre 旅館, 在責任和責任被劃分在他們之中情況下。

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