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Type Chinese on Eng. keyboard

Hi ,

I am in USA using English MS window. Want to know what's the easiest and best way to input Chinese so I can communicate using Chinese on IM and Emails.


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    I think the above answers assume you have a Chinese system. If you start from an English one, another way is to download free Chinese typing software specifically developed for English systems. The one I'm using is called Twin Bridge (雙橋)。You can download free version at on the second file (CJK partner) to start download. It says the trial expires in 30 days but you can continue to use it indefinitely. Of course you may purchase it to have full support of fonts, etc. You can even type Korean or Japanese with this software if you know the languages. Once you download it, you can use Ctrl+space to toggle between English and Chinese to type in any space. There's also some input methods you can choose from. I'm used to English typing so PinYin (拼音) is the most natural one for me as I don't have to memorize another set of key locations. I think it's the next best thing to having a real Chinese system.

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    You may want to try the 漢語拼音輸入法, which is considered the fastest and easiest way of learning and typing Chinese on English keyboard.

    在 XP 環境下,「微軟新注音輸入法2002a」由注音改為漢語拼音,方法如下:


    〔設定〕-->〔新增〕-->〔鍵盤配置/輸入法〕 -->〔微軟新注音輸入法〕


    選〔漢語拼音〕-->按“確定” -->“套用”


    按 [語言] 分頁,點一下 [詳細資料]。


    按 [屬性]。

    點一下 [鍵盤輸入對應] ,選 [漢語拼音] 。

    按“套用” - 29k

    Good luck!

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    you just have to press Ctrl and space key at th same time

    try it

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