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英文翻譯 (15點) 不要用譯典通

PARAPARA是一種配合EUROBEAT來跳的舞步,而且每首歌均有其指定動作。雖然看似難於學習,但大部份歌曲以手部動作為主,再配合雙腳以左右移動來打節拍即可。當然,在數百首歌曲當中總會需要手腳並用的舞步,但原則上還是手部動作最多。所有歌曲絕對是四拍子的音樂,因為PARAPARA的動作以四拍為一個基本組合,再由多個組合拼湊成整套動作。一般來說每一首歌可分成四部份,順序分別是Intro、A-Part、B-Part和Sabi。雖然每首歌的播放時間不同,但同樣可用這個方法將舞步分成四部份。基本上,大部份歌曲會在完成Sabi後再重複一次Intro,即使已經將動作都記下來,也懂得拍腳的技巧,但要進一步令自己的舞姿更好看,還要注意一些細節的地方。最基本就是手要伸直時,不能因為懶散而曲起來,背部不能向前傾,亦即是不能 背,那樣看來一副沒自信的樣子。另外,不需進行動作的手可以輕輕垂下,打則身子時則貼到背上,那就更好看了。所以只要記住前四段,那跳出來已八九不離十,當你開始掌握到手部動作後,雙腳不能老是貼在地上,得隨拍子活動一下。既然PARAPARA全是四拍子歌曲,那雙腳便能有節奏的左右移動。

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    PARAPARA is that one kind matches dance step that EUROBEAT dances, and each song has its appointed movement . Though seem to be difficult to study , but most songs rely mainly on hand movement , cooperate with both feet to send the beat by moving from side to side again. Certainly, the dance step that always needs to use both hands and feet in several hundred songs, but still that hand movements are the most in principle. All songs are the music of four beats definitely, because movements of PARAPARA are struck and made for one up basically by four, it is pieced together from a lot of associations into a whole set of movements and then. Generally speaking every song can divide into four parts , the order is Intro , A-Part , B-Part and Sabi respectively. Though each song broadcasts time differently, can divide dance step into four parts with this method too. Basically, most songs will repeat Intro once again after finishing Sabi, even already written all movements down, know how to pat the skill of the foot too, but should make one's own dancing posture more goodlooking further, still should pay attention to some places of detail. Most it is the basic it is for hand want when not stretching,can't because stand up sluggishness and song , back can't incline forward, can't carry , seem one self-confident appearance like that. In addition is it carry on hand of movement can light to hang down while being light , on is it is it is it give a piggyback to reach to stick to at the body to play to need, more goodlooking . So only remember the first four sections, it has been already very near that then jumped out, after you begin to grasp to hand movements, both feet can't be always stuck on the ground, have to up to the beat activity. Since all for four beat for song in PARAPARA,that both feet can movement from side to side not rhythmical.

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