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peya 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

A is busy. A is happy.=A is bu

A is busy. A is happy.(用連接詞合併句子)=A is busy,but happy.                                        =A is busy but happy.                                        =A is busy and happy.                                         =A is busy, and happy.                                        =A is busy, but A is happy.                                        =A is busy but A is happy.六個都對嗎

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  • KZ
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    A is busy,but happy.=>x=>A is busy, but A is happy.

    A is busy but happy.=>o

    A is busy and happy.=>o

    A is busy, and happy.=>x=>A is busy and happy.

    A is busy, but A is happy.=>o

    A is busy but A is happy.=>x=>A is busy but happy.

    參考資料: 有錯..請糾正~
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